5 Best Maid Agencies In Singapore 2020 | Promo Code Included

Searching for the right foreign domestic helper for your household needs can be a very taxing and daunting task. In this article, we have identified the 5 best dependable maid agencies in Singapore that you can rely on in your quest to hire a reliable maid. We have also included a promo code below; read on to find out!

A good maid agency fulfils these qualities:

  1. Fair and transparent agency fee
  2. Accredited and approved by relevant authorities
  3. Ensure maids are well trained
  4. Good MOM stats (based on MOM EA Directory)
  5. Generally positive reviews online
  6. Case Accreditation https://www.casetrust.org.sg/accreditation.aspx (checked against CaseTrust Web Listing)

For the chosen 5 maid agencies, we will be evaluating them against this set of qualities.

Licence No EA Name Demerit Points Experience (Years) Placement Volume FDW Retention Success Rate FDW Transfer Rate Customer Service Ratings(Stars Contact
15C7788 WE ARE CARING PTE. LTD. 64 916 65.65% 0.24%4.4 Stars (362 Reviews)31634636 Contact Form
13C6831 EDEN GRACE HUMAN RESOURCES PRIVATE LIMITED 0658556.74%0.56%4.1 Stars (268 Reviews)87840655
Contact Form
01C4854 121 PERSONNEL SERVICES PTE. LTD. 018 50758.79%0.43%4.1 Stars (236 Reviews)   67338121
12C6270 EXPRESS MAID & EMPLOYMENT SERVICES PTE. LTD. 17 40051.73%0.87%3.9 Stars (188 Reviews)   67345997, 98340996 (Jupiter), 84887000 (Ellen)
13C6871 WONDERFUL MAID AGENCY 0638553.46% 0.88%4.1 Stars (158 reviews)   67889161

Updated: 13 Jan 2020


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We are caring is an innovative maid agency with a modern way of hiring foreign domestic workers. Founded in 2016, the agency has grown to service more than 850 customers to date. We Are Caring is committed to streamlining the hiring process digitally and adhering to an ethical and fair FDW hiring model.

You can browse through their online database of maids. One awesome feature is that you can filter by citizenship, expected salary, skills, availability and hiring type. After selection, you can contact the maid(s) directly.

If you require any paperwork, you can engage We Are Caring to prepare the required documents and streamline your hiring process. Their charges are transparent and available online here.

Services offered by We Are Caring

Online database: You can engage any of the maids on the site. It comes with a comprehensive filtering system to help you efficiently locate a suitable maid. With a one time fee of $59 for 30 days, you can contact the helper directly, view feedbacks and schedule interviews easily.

Fair employment practice: Strictly no loan and no salary deduction for your helper. This means that your helpers won’t need to pay and you are no longer required to provide loans.

Transparent pricing: Pricing is stated clearly online with clear breakdown of the invoice. No hidden fees.

Conduct online EOP: If you are a new employer, they have a 90 minutes course to get you your EOP at $35 only. 


Paperwork for transfer maid: $634

Paperwork for Filipino maid: $2,395 – $2640

Paperwork for Indonesian maid: $1,595 – $1,840

Paperwork for Myanmar maid: $1195 – $1440

Paperwork for maid from other countries: $1195 – $1440

Quote sgninja for $10 OFF on the Premium plan.

What customers are saying

Most customers are satisfied with We Are Caring’s service, with most complimenting on their efficient paperwork process.

David and his team truly goes above and beyond what was required of them. They are extremely patient, professional and committed to solving the problems of the employers.


Address: Lucky Plaza, #02-06, 304 Orchard road, Singapore 238863
Number: +65 3163 4636
Website: https://wearecaring.com/


Eden Grace Maids places high emphasis on good quality maids by conducting Quality Selection, Integration Program and Quality Training. They have personally travelled to the relevant countries to source, screen and select foreign domestic workers who are suitable.

Upon arriving in Singapore, the FDWs are provided quality training and local adjustment to ensure they are a good fit for the employers here in Singapore.

Eden Grace Maids encourages the healthy well-being and welfare of their workers through initiatives like the Sunday Program and accountability group. They are truly committed to bringing the best in the FDWs and providing you an ease of mind when engaging an FDW.

You can check out their mentoring programs and integrated programs here.

What customers are saying

Most customers complimented the sincerity of the managers in Eden Grace. They service the customers patiently, clearly and proficiently, ultimately making the hiring process a smooth and fast one.

Apart from fulfilling the necessary tasks, they are committed to helping and improving the lives of both the employers and FDWs.

Eden Grace Maids is high praised for their ability to bridge the gap between the employers and FDWs by understanding both parties well and meeting all their needs.

If you are a Christian, you may be pleasantly surprised that this agency encourages their helpers to attend church service every Sunday.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday (Strictly by Appointment): 0900 – 1800


After Office Hours (Weekends and Public Holiday)
Contact Number: +65 8784 0655

Midview City (Central)
Blk. 18 Sin Ming Lane, #07-38 Midview City, Singapore 573960
Phone: +65 62625562

Eden Grace @ Jurong East
2 Venture Drive, #24-103 Vision Exchange 608526
Phone: +65 69149157

Mountbatten Centre (East)
231 Mountbatten Rd, Block D, #01-02 Mountbatten Centre, Singapore 397999
Phone: +65 69146639

Tanglin Road (Orchard)
1 Tanglin Road #04-14 Orchard Rendezvous Hotel, Singapore 247905
Phone: +65 66929046

One Fullerton
1 Fullerton Road #02-01 One Fullerton Singapore 049213, #20-85(Eden Grace Office)
Phone: +65 68325530

Website: https://www.edengracemaids.com/
Email: enquiry@edengracemaids.com
Skype: edengraceinterview


Since its beginnings, 121 Personnel Services has garnered many positive reviews from past customers. It was proud to be awarded CaseTrust for Employment Agencies Accreditation for Good Business Practices. (Updated 5 Dec 2019: CASE has ceased accreditation program for maid agencies.)

121 Personnel Services has also developed some systems and programs to deliver the best to its customers.

The 121 Match-Point© System is aimed to match the right FDW to the right employer, thus reducing the inefficiency pertained to finding the right match. The system mainly focuses on the needs of both parties based on character, skills sets, experience and needs. Because of this system, 121 Personnel Services has achieved one of the best stats in FDW retention success rate in the industry. 

If the 121 Match-Point© System is not able to match you to the right FDW, don’t worry. 121 Personnel Services offers a complimentary 3-years guarantee with 2 re-matchings (available only in platinum package), which totals to about $1,050 in savings.

The Family Satisfaction Program is developed to ensure that all members of the family are satisfied with the FDW you are matched with. The staff will try their best in every way possible to resolve any conflict or issues that you are facing. It could be a communication problem, the need for counselling or a disciplinary issue that require attention.


  • Assist you recruiting transfer helper(s) (with extensive replacement & guarantee plan)
  • Assist you bringing over your helper(s) from overseas to Singapore
  • Processing paperwork while you find your own helper
  • Recruitment of new helper from overseas
  • Renew work permit & passport
  • Appeal to MOM for rejected application
  • And Many More


  • Platinum ($868): 3 years guarantee & 2 free replacements (both maid insurance and fee paid to MOM excluded)
  • Gold ($698): 1 year 3 months guarantee & 1 free replacement (both maid insurance and fee paid to MOM excluded)
  • Silver ($628): Zero guarantee & discounted price for replacement (both maid insurance and fee paid to MOM excluded)

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 10:15 – 18:00
Sunday: 10:15 – 15:00
Closed on Saturdays and Public Holidays


Address: 545 Orchard Road, #12-07, Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882
Phone: +65 6733 8121
Email: service@121personnel.com
Website: http://121personnel.sg/

What customers are saying

Customers find 121 personnel services staff very helpful and efficient. One customer had difficulties getting a domestic helper pass for their PRC helper. 121 took on the job and tried their very best to obtain approval from the relevant authorities, which they eventually managed to get after all the tedious paperwork.

They are extremely proficient in finding you the best match. One customer complimented on the process which she was given many options with detailed evaluation on each helper.


For more than 20 years, Express Maid & Employment Services has strived to provide reliable and honest service to all its customers. Express Maid has always stayed true to its motto which is “YOUR HAPPINESS IS OUR SUCCESS”.

Express Maid has their in-house training centre to ensure quality of the helpers. The training can include training for the care of babies, care of elderly or disabled, in cooking and in spoken English. There is also a general orientation for all helpers from Express Maid to ensure they are ready for employment at your household.

Only a handful of agencies are on the Advance Placement Scheme (APS) for Foreign Domestic Workers. The APS allows the agency to source for and bring in to Singapore a specific number of FDWs even before they are assigned an employer. This allows for better matching through face-to-face interviews locally. It also expedites placement and reduces waiting time. 


  • Cancellation of Work Permit
  • Renewal of Work Permit & Passport
  • Transport to Airport
  • Consultation & Counselling
  • Holiday Drop-off
  • Medical Insurance & Security Bond
  • Medical Checkup
  • Booking of Air Ticket

What customers are saying

Most customers are very satisfied with the maids that they have been assigned with. The maids are able to fit their needs very closely. The staff will go all out to find the right one for you through extensive filters and interviews. One customer complimented highly of his maid who can settle all of the household chores and take good care of his parents and children.  

When it comes to training, the agency does not hesitate when it comes to correcting the behaviour of their helpers and improving their skillsets.

Overall, the staff members in Express Maid are extremely competent, friendly and patient, and are committed in providing the best customer service.

Opening Hours

Monday to Friday: 10:00 – 18:00
Sunday: 10:00 to 16:00
Saturday and Public Holiday: Closed


Address: 545 Orchard Road #03-16 Far East Shopping Centre Singapore 238882
Phone: 67345997, 98340996 (Jupiter), 84887000 (Ellen)
Email: sgmaids88@gmail.com, sgmaids02@gmail.com, sgmaids01@gmail.com
Website: https://www.expressmaid.com.sg/


With more than 30 years of experience in the industry, Wonderful Maid Agency aims to provide quality services to local households by providing well-trained and highly skilled maids. 

Wonderful Maid Agency provides quality service from online interviews, placement, repatriation, training to counselling as follow up services. 


  • Domestic Helper Placement
  • Work Permit Application
  • Arrangement of Medical Screening
  • Training Lessons & Training Courses
  • Comprehensive Insurance Packages
  • Counselling Assistance
  • New Maid / Transfer of Application
  • Direct Hire Application
  • Transport to Airport
  • Renewal of Passport / Work Permit
  • Home Leave for Indonesian and Filipino
  • Booking of Air Ticket and Repatriation
  • Cancellation of Work Permit

What customers are saying

Customers are extremely satisfied with the service where the staff members handheld them throughout the process of application, selection and hiring of the FDW. Communication was awesome and was mainly done through Whatsapp. All their doubts were answered promptly and accurately. Everything was fast and a lot of time was saved. One customer managed to secure a helper within a day with the help of Wonderful Maid Agency.

Most of the customers are satisfied with the FDW that was selected by the agency as well. The staff members understood their requirements clearly and match them with the ideal FDW. Rates are very reasonable as well.


Number: +65 6788 9161
Email: hello@wonderfulmaidagency.com
Address: Block 462 Tampines St 44 #01-74 Singapore 520462
Website: http://wonderfulmaidagency.com/

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